Point 1 – The Service

The Client wants to subscribe to a home cleaning service at the domicile of the Client. The service is as described in the introduction section.

Point 2 – The Subscriptions

The subscriptions of the Provider are renewable automatically on a monthly basis, can be suspended as needed by the client by simply informing the Provider which will prolongate the current invoicing period by that time. Payments are expected at the beginning of the cycle by payment slips or bank transfer to the following banking coordinates:

Linkonomics SARL
Route de la Pierre 22
1024 Ecublens
IBAN: CH04 0900 0000 6168 0241 3

Point 3 – Provider Responsibilities

Provider Employees

The Provider is responsible for the work of the employees he choses to engage with the Client. In this context the Provider performs a background check of his employees.

Responsibilities / Insurances

The Provider is fully responsible for all damages caused during the time of his employee’s interventions.

The Provider is subscribed to the required Civil Responsibility insurance.

In case of doubt, both the Client and the Provider will let their respective insurances handle the litigation of potential disagreements.

Non disclosure clause

The Provider will respect confidentiality towards the Client and to not propagate to third parties anything he or the employees could have learned during the time of their interventions.

Service sub-contracting

The Provider will inform the Client in case the Service is executed by third-parties not employed by the Provider.

Risk Prevention

Cleaning and maintenance work can include use of chemicals and materials with specific safety measures. The Provider is responsible for the safety of his employees.

Applicable law

The present agreement is under the law of the domicile of the client. In case of legal dispute in the execution of the present agreement, each party can turn to the relevant court of law.

Point 4 – Client Responsibility

The Client is responsible for:

  1. informing the Provider about precious furniture or goods to be handled with special care
  2. informing before the day of the intervention the Provider in case the normal schedule of the interventions has to be changed.
  3. informing before the day of the intervention the Provider in case of suspensions or cancellation of the subscription.
  4. pick a mode of access to the home of the Client that ensures safety (leaving us the keys, alarm codes and so on is our recommendation)

Point 5 – Annual leaves

Our cleaning personal has 4 weeks holidays per year. The subscription is calculated on the basis of 48 interventions per year. The Client can ask for a paid replacement.

First payment or first cleaning implies acceptation of these terms and conditions by both parties.

Point 6 – Waiting list

We don’t serve at this stage all Swiss regions. If you subscribe in a region that we don’t serve, you will be on a waiting list. No contractual obligations start before first try.